Nærbilde av druer og saks

– guided tours
and wine tasting

Norwegian vineyard – guided tours and wine tasting

Indulge in a unique Norwegian experience at our historic vineyard this summer! Immerse yourself in the lush landscapes of Norway while discovering the artistry of winemaking.

Register for our exclusive wine tour and tasting sessions, available right from our front page: English speaking tours every Friday during July and August.

For English-speaking guests, we also offer tailored tours upon request for groups of 10 or more. Delve into the nuances of Norwegian wine culture for 5400 NOK, with an additional 540 NOK per person beyond 10.

Elevate your experience with a delectable lunch, arranged to suit your preferences. As one of Norway's pioneering vineyards, we offer a rare opportunity to explore the country's burgeoning wine scene, surrounded by breathtaking nature and rich cultural heritage. For inquiries of tailored tours, please use the form or send us an email at booking@hebnesvingard.no.
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